Personalized visit/s to your apiary or potential apiary. Whether you have one hive or many or do not have bees yet, you may have one-time questions or prefer ongoing guidance. Find out how to get started with keeping bees, including site assessment, year round hive management, honey harvesting, pest and disease management, winterization, and more. Get support trouble-shooting, dividing colonies, naturally controlling pests, expanding your apiary, and helping your bees to survive winter.




Develop your own skills and knowledge in beekeeping with careful guidance, support, and feedback.


Hive management

Love the idea of having bees on your property but don't have time to take proper care of them? Wish you could care for your bees but it turns out you are allergic? I will manage your beehives for you and provide regularly updates on the health, conditions, and needs of your hives.


Teaching: classrooms & workshops

Are you a school teacher and want a guest instructor to come teach your class about honeybees? I will come to your class with equipment, gear, and tools for a show-and-tell about the workings of a honeybee colony, including life cycle of a bee. Note: no live bees will be brought to your classroom, but I'm happy to include a live hive if your school has one on its grounds. Want to host a workshop at your apiary? Gather your group and I'm happy to use your apiary to teach a workshop with real life hive situations.


Swarm catching


Find a swarm of bees on your property on a tree, on a building, or elsewhere? Swarms of honeybees have a 25% or less chance of surviving. Let's help those bees find a good home and move them out of your way.


Honey harvesting


Need help harvesting your honey? There are many different methods from mechanical centrifuge to by hand in mason jars. Get the kind of help you need for the amount of honey you have to harvest.